Additional Resources

Conflict Resolution@MIT

Have a conflict and need help to resolve it? Conflicts could be anything – group lab projects, privacy, interpersonal conflict, student group issues, and racial, cultural or gender issues. You can be at the beginning, middle, or crescendo of a conflict. All conversations are confidential.

MIT Ombuds Office

The MIT Ombuds office provides confidential, neutral, independent, and informal assistance to anyone at MIT. This is a great resource for information on how to deal with issues. Interactions with the Ombuds Office are completely confidential with no record kept.

MIT Medical: Mental Health and Counseling

MIT offers professional counseling services from trained health practitioners. You can set up mental health and counseling appointments with a clinician to receive personalized help. If you are a student, appointments and services are free of charge. If you are an employee or other, copayments may be required.


Want to talk to a REFS outside of chemistry? The iREFS serve as a resource to their peers across the Institute, regardless of departmental affiliation. Like ChemREFS, they are trained in conflict management by Conflict Management@MIT, and are capable of helping you with your issue or can make informed referrals to other resources and offices at MIT.

Violence Prevention & Response

MIT’s primary, on-campus resource for preventing and responding to interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Free and confidential services are offered 24/7. If you are experiencing any form of interpersonal violence, this is one of the best resources on campus.

Title IX

Title IX is a federal law mandating equal treatment in the workplace. It protects MIT employees and students from gender-based discrimination. If you feel like you have been the victim of sexual misconduct, please check out the website or contact ChemREFS to get advice on the next course of action.


LGBT@MIT focuses on providing a safe and supportive campus-wide community where lesbians, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning individuals, and their allies are all welcomed as equals. If you want more information or just want someone to talk to, feel free to contact them or give them a visit in their Rainbow Lounge.

MIT Police

Call 100 from a campus phone or 617-253-1212 from any phone.

MIT Medical Advice

24-hour hotline: 617-253-4481