About the ChemREFS


The ChemREFS are dedicated to improving YOUR experience as a graduate student in the chemistry department. We have been trained through ConflictResolution@MIT to provide peer-to-peer conflict coaching to other students. This means that if you have a problem – big or small, in lab or at home – we are prepared to listen and talk through possible solutions, all in a strictly confidential manner. If you need more support, we can direct you to one of the many additional resources available on the MIT campus. We also advocate to department leaders on behalf of chemistry graduate students as a whole, so if you see anything you would like to change, come to us! In the past, we have encouraged better communication between students and advisors and clearer standards for oral and cumulative exams.

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Have more questions or want to know more about the program? Visit our FAQs or send us an e-mail to chemrefs@mit.edu.